Hey I made something. Again!

2013-07-29 13:29:26 by Devastus

So I was busy jacking off in the corner for the last 3 months. Then I realized this is becoming a joke and I probably should be updating and shit. So I took my time to make a new spiffy soundtrack thing with another corresponding, badly drawn picture.

The interesting thing about this song is that it's the first where I performed every instrument myself.

Obviously I don't own a set of orchestra instruments or the skills to play them myself, but I happened to buy an M-Audio Axiom 2nd Gen master keyboard and decided to put it to test. Drums are played with my electronic set, choirs are sung (as I've been doing for a long while now) and the guitar you can probably guess :P

Song: "Stormrider"
Picture: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/devastus/stor mrider

For some unfathomable reason I can't seem to keep an online presence when I'm focused on something "important". Probably because I'm a lazy bum.


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2013-11-24 18:54:25

Glad you got out of your corner! ;) This soundtrack is amazing and kinda thinking it will become legendary! I totally get not being able to keep an online presence when focusing on a project and it has nothing to do with being a lazy bum! Just sayin.....