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Man, the best thing about this is that you nailed Batman's voice pretty much perfectly. Funny shit as always too, great work!

Graphics might have been bad, but...

That was funny :P And good mixing there too with the song. You did the singing, right? Top notch on that, bro :P

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

yeah, it's all me... cheers Dev, you rock!


Very good humour. IMO Oblivion is a pretty good game, but it does have these faults that were described in this movie, and in the end it loses to Morrowind hands down.

I really liked the ending where the guardsquidthing said the GOTY thing :P

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Very good

I really liked this game, it's original and was fun to play. I believe it's better than most of the NG games.

Good job, and keep it up.

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A very solid composition, the live instruments (I especially like the violin) have a nice, soothing sound and they bring this piece the extra layer of depth and soul. Well done, well played.

Big thumbs up!

SteveSyz responds:

Thank you so much!

For an ambient piece, this is very fitting! Liking this one alot.

There's not much to criticize here in my opinion. I would probably add something to the final climax, like a horn instrument perhaps :P I can never get enough of horns though, so that's more of a matter of taste anyway.

All in all, it's very good and deserves more attention than it's gotten.

Hellwreckage responds:

OR, it is because you are generaly just badass with horns. I am not, have to learn that still.
Thank you for the kind words. That i attracted your attention is good enough for me!

Now go forth and do more badass music!

3.32? That's fucking bullshit.

You got alot of cool little elements going here, liking it alot! I would add more oomph to the drums with either more reverb or more presence in the mix. Or both :P

Also, you could have added more texture to the main melody line with a horn or something (possibly make the melody more versatile too, that's up to taste), it gets a bit repetitive towards the end.

That said, I'm giving it a five. Fuck zerovoters.

Hellwreckage responds:

You know, because of this i am gonna buy something that has badass horns in it, and then i am gonna horn the shit out of next track. Thanks again for kind words and yes, zerovoters. But what can one do. It is what it is.


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