Happy Holidays!

2013-12-24 12:48:22 by Devastus

To keep this short, I teamed up with a couple of friends under a very special name to bring you this christmas-spirited short called "Last Christmas". Check it out, we put alot of love and care into it! More will come later, depending alot on the initial reception and, of course, time.


Also, if you really, really like the Santa's theme here, you're in luck. I've posted it here for free use (as long as I'm credited as the author) for your own Christmas-themed works if you so please! Do check it out: Righteous Santa Justice!


Also, the youtube version which is in finnish (with subtitles) and is my preferred choice out of these two can be found as such: http://youtu.be/XkM6OW0fMDw


All in all, Merry Christmas or whatever the hell you invidiually celebrate.



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