Darkest Souls!

2014-05-04 12:10:40 by Devastus

So, this happened. (that's the animation, click that shit.)

I was working undercover and stuff the whole time! I am a sneaky little bastard. I also uploaded one of the soundtracks to NG out of context, so you can go get your Sun Praising Boogie down there: Praise The Sun (#420YoloSwag Mix)

You can check this out at Youtube as well if that's more of your kind of place. Cheers!

Also, do check out Buttpoop because it's certainly my most accomplished work of art to date.



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2014-05-04 12:20:58

Watched it, and it deserves almost as much praise as the sun ^^

Devastus responds:

Almost though, almost.

Glad you like it! We did pour alot of effort on it. And on progressing in the damn game :P


2014-05-04 15:30:32

This is my kinda humor haha starts off all serious and shit then that happened.