New soundtrack song: Essence

2015-07-13 10:52:48 by Devastus

It's been a long, long while since I last time made an orchestral song. Even longer from making something that ain't extremely epic and violent.

Sometimes inspiration comes in surprising ways (or less surprising, depends how you look at it).

Listen to Essence!

It's got a music video with soothing imagery for added enjoyment. Cheers!



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2015-07-15 14:49:24

That's really beautiful.
I like how the melody circles around itself and the colours you chose for the imagery -they are soft and muted and very soothing.
Thank you for putting it here on NG for us to enjoy.


2015-07-19 20:56:03

Wow. Very majestic without feeling like it has to be bombastic.
Mostly, I'm just glad to be hearing new stuff from you. Always a treat, since you're still my favorite NG artist.


2015-07-23 00:44:31

Devastus this is stunning! I'm actually after music similiar to this nature to help play through a dream state scene in a game I'm developing.. Would you be interested in having a look? :)
Very Impressive