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A very solid composition, the live instruments (I especially like the violin) have a nice, soothing sound and they bring this piece the extra layer of depth and soul. Well done, well played.

Big thumbs up!

SteveSyz responds:

Thank you so much!

For an ambient piece, this is very fitting! Liking this one alot.

There's not much to criticize here in my opinion. I would probably add something to the final climax, like a horn instrument perhaps :P I can never get enough of horns though, so that's more of a matter of taste anyway.

All in all, it's very good and deserves more attention than it's gotten.

Hellwreckage responds:

OR, it is because you are generaly just badass with horns. I am not, have to learn that still.
Thank you for the kind words. That i attracted your attention is good enough for me!

Now go forth and do more badass music!

3.32? That's fucking bullshit.

You got alot of cool little elements going here, liking it alot! I would add more oomph to the drums with either more reverb or more presence in the mix. Or both :P

Also, you could have added more texture to the main melody line with a horn or something (possibly make the melody more versatile too, that's up to taste), it gets a bit repetitive towards the end.

That said, I'm giving it a five. Fuck zerovoters.

Hellwreckage responds:

You know, because of this i am gonna buy something that has badass horns in it, and then i am gonna horn the shit out of next track. Thanks again for kind words and yes, zerovoters. But what can one do. It is what it is.


Holy shit that guitar tone is fat as fuck. Makes a simple riff sound crushing, props to that man!

If I were to throw some mixing pointers around, I would lift the drums up a bit (and well, probably the whole mix too with a master limiter). Also, I severely want to hear your kickass vocals in their full frequency range, since right now they kinda sound like coming through a radio (high-mid based, in other words).

Man I love that guitar tone. A nice coverwankery bro!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks brother, always appreciate your thoughts, mayng. I know about the vocals. I crushed them for a "radio" feel...just to keep them different from the actual metallica vocals..give it something of my own.
Guitar tone = a few layers...haha...like 7 I think. hahaha. Cheers brother.

Lucky thing it's sounding brutally awesome as it is already, so no update was necessary. Liking the juicy bass in this especially!


Dem blastbeats. If this is what violating anal glands sounds like, may I have another please?

Oi, this is awesome. The mix is a lil bit cluttered in the chorus section but whatever, this kicks ass anyway.

Thanks for the freebie, and keep it up!

Sweet ass riffs like always, man. About the tone, It's a bit fuzzy although better than the one before (or after, in this case). I'm relating to my own tastes though, which is more on the "less distortion - more clarity" side - or djent as some asshole would probably say :P

There's certainly more body to the sound which is most likely achieved with less distortion, you might want to punch up the input signal a bit since the old tone sounds more dominant.

It's kickin' alright. Keep at it and you'll get it rock solid. Also, if you ever need some mastering done, you can always call me up if I got the time :P

Well now.

I must say, I didn't expect this. Excellent production, awesome riffs and growls have some balls to 'em. And of course, Metaljonus tools it with the solo. Like how the mix is packed with in-your-face cuisine.

A rare gem, if I've ever seen one. Instant favourite. Great job guys!

AbsenceofFear responds:

Thanks dude! \m/


Those leads of his are kicking it off the tap. Fucking show-off :P

The mix is otherwise nicely Pantera-like, as usual, albeit a bit quiet. One thing I would do is make the snare more punchy and boost it from around 200hz (or wherever you can hear the meat of the sound in the particular snare). Nice riffs all around man, good to see you still doing your thing!

This is some good shit bro. I demand some vocals to this fucker ASAP.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

More punchy snare. I agree. I'll be messing with that on my next diddy. Also vocals on the way as well.

Have a cool cover comin up soon too. Thanks very much for the <3 bro. Glad you are still around as well!

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