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Devastus's News

Posted by Devastus - July 8th, 2010

Holy fucking shit, it's finally done, and as brutal as I would've expected! Prepare for a facemelting and take a fucking listen to the second snippet from the coming EP:


Want more snippets to listen to? Hmmm? You get nothing more, you've been bad. Eat shit!

If you like what you hear, check me up from these places:

Youtube -> DevSaatana
Facebook -> Devastus
Reverbnation -> Devastus
Soundclick -> Devastation(fin)
Kongregate -> Devastus
Myspace -> Devastus
Twitter -> Devastus

Posted by Devastus - July 1st, 2010

It's an intro video for this one festival. It's spoken in finnish but you may find the quality of both audio and visuals enjoyable. Made in one day (and it's the truth, although I do admit that I could feel my ass being on fire. I also didn't sleep at all).

/* */
I rock.

Posted by Devastus - April 26th, 2010

Now, before I go into detail with anything, I must say that this is from the album, and the concept of the album is depicting all kinds of emotions and mindsets. This provides me the possibility to experiment. This song is from the softer side of the album:


Since it's been so damn long I did an update or submitted anything, I'ma let you take a quick peek on the next coming song. This song bases itself on guitar tricks and anger :P It's still a WIP, so it doesn't have singing and it might sound a little bit plain, but either way, here is a short preview:

The Hate Machine - Preview

And again, here's some places that you can find me from. Be sure to check me up if you like what you hear.

Youtube -> DevSaatana
Facebook -> Devastus
Reverbnation -> Devastus
Soundclick -> Devastation(fin)
Kongregate -> Devastus
Myspace -> Devastus
Twitter -> Devastus

'Till we meet again, Newgrounds. Next time you might even get a music video :P

Posted by Devastus - December 10th, 2009

Sorry guys, I haven't been on NG for a while now, thus no replying to reviews and all that. To apologize, I have an announcement of sorts to make.

I've started on recording an album, that will carry around 8-15 songs, which do vary from metal to orchestral to experimental, have cd covers and all that and share it for free. Alongside a big bunch of new songs, it will include Mirror Image and finally, The Devourer as a finished and re-mixed version. And also, most of the songs will include vocals done either by me or a collaborating partner, so expect to hear my voice in there. I've been training quite alot for it :P

In other news, my artist profiles can be found all over the internet. I will list a few of them here, just in case you people want to associate yourself with me :P

Youtube -> DevSaatana
Facebook -> Devastus
Reverbnation -> Devastus
Soundclick -> Devastation(fin)
Kongregate -> Devastus
Myspace -> Devastus
Twitter -> Devastus

That said, I hope to get back posting songs and talking with all you guys in the near future. But right now, I have an album to make :P

Cheers n' beers.

Posted by Devastus - August 4th, 2009


That's a pile of random riffs thrown together. Really.

I've been experiencing an annoying case of writer's block for some time now, so I decided to try to find the "cure" for it by just recording whatever riffs that I could think of right away, without trying to keep to my standards. The result, well, listen to it to find out.

I prepared a totally new mixdown to go with it, just for you guys :P And I could almost say I'm proud of it, it's quite dynamic while still having all the elements at decent volumes.


Posted by Devastus - June 28th, 2009

Posted by Devastus - April 25th, 2009

I made a practice song called "Left To The Wolves". What I mainly practiced there was making music the film soundtrack way.

The differences compared to my old songs should be a more dynamic approach at mixing, with more thought put on spacing the instruments around the stereo channel and not totally banging the shit outta the drums there :P

I think I did well enough with it.

And yeah, I guess I'll just keep on submitting since I don't see how not submitting will affect anyone in a positive way in the long run :P

Remember to get the RSS feed for my latest audio submits if you want to be properly up-to-date with new songs of mine, since I seem to be going through a rather heavy zerobombing phase for reasons unknownst to me nowadays, as do many other artists in the NGAP.

Posted by Devastus - April 6th, 2009

Whoever are the ones who for some unknown reason have the need to zerobomb ALL my songs in the whole fucking portal daily, be proud of yourself. I've pretty much had enough of this shit.

No more coming this way then, since apparently NGAP doesn't rely on it's fair listeners anymore, just some 12-year old faggots who want their first song ever to be in the top and resort to zerobombing everyone in sight. And someone has taken extreme interest in zerobombing every song I have, no matter the charts position or the date.

Call me butthurt, but seriously, the artists at NGAP deserve better than that.

Posted by Devastus - March 26th, 2009

I made a short film!

Bear in mind though, this was made in 6 hours, under a huge stress (the short films needed to be finished at the same day, 4 PM). You guys might not get it either, since it's a joke on finnish melancholy and the usual drama films we make here.

/* */
There's english subtitles for it. Though most likely you still will not understand the idea of it :P

(That one effect is like that on purpose then, by the way)

Posted by Devastus - March 20th, 2009

Inside the suitcase I found a golden cd!

And a monocle. And a flute.

This CD has this cool song inside which has a lame composition. But awesome second solo done by Xenogenocide and vocals by TheBardOfBlasphemy. Check it out. Also, if you wanna be the coolest kid around the blocks of Youtube, promote it.

/* */
I was too lazy to draw the whole thing, so there, have a fucking crappy golden cd picture.

Titanium Assault