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For A Lifetime

2017-01-04 13:15:19 by Devastus

New year, new song. You might start to see a pattern here with both songs kinda focusing on one aspect of life, and happening once a year. Just maybe.

In any case, I still have to produce a picture that is something even close to worthy of being paired with it in a music video. Wish me luck.

Listen to For A Lifetime!

Ludum Dare 37: Dethroned

2016-12-21 17:42:41 by Devastus


Instead of music, i maek gaem lel. In 72 hours. With a friend. Go check it out at:


Ludum Dare - page

I haven't completely stopped making music though, but I've been in a hiatus of sorts, trying to concentrate on other things in life, like eating, sleeping and peeing for example.

New soundtrack song: Essence

2015-07-13 10:52:48 by Devastus

It's been a long, long while since I last time made an orchestral song. Even longer from making something that ain't extremely epic and violent.

Sometimes inspiration comes in surprising ways (or less surprising, depends how you look at it).

Listen to Essence!

It's got a music video with soothing imagery for added enjoyment. Cheers!



2015-05-07 15:45:20 by Devastus

I'll let you in on a secret.

This was supposed to be in an animation.

Contemplate on that loss while listening to the tune itself. You still got the possibility of performing Demacian stunts yourself while having this in background anyway.


Demolition Run

2014-08-27 11:15:47 by Devastus

I made a real song! How fancy is that. Here's some 80s action music for you to enjoy while gunning down people and snorting coke. RADICAL DUDE!

Demolition Run

I happen to have made a video version of it again, this time the speedpaint was so quickly rushed that I don't really think it deserves a spot in the art section to be honest.


Darkest Souls!

2014-05-04 12:10:40 by Devastus

So, this happened. (that's the animation, click that shit.)

I was working undercover and stuff the whole time! I am a sneaky little bastard. I also uploaded one of the soundtracks to NG out of context, so you can go get your Sun Praising Boogie down there: Praise The Sun (#420YoloSwag Mix)

You can check this out at Youtube as well if that's more of your kind of place. Cheers!

Also, do check out Buttpoop because it's certainly my most accomplished work of art to date.



2014-04-18 10:56:39 by Devastus

So you say I haven't been doing anything lately? IS THAT WHAT YOU ARE IMPLYING?

That's true. I haven't been doing anything productive for a long while, so here's something to amend that.

I'm sorry.

Happy Holidays!

2013-12-24 12:48:22 by Devastus

To keep this short, I teamed up with a couple of friends under a very special name to bring you this christmas-spirited short called "Last Christmas". Check it out, we put alot of love and care into it! More will come later, depending alot on the initial reception and, of course, time.


Also, if you really, really like the Santa's theme here, you're in luck. I've posted it here for free use (as long as I'm credited as the author) for your own Christmas-themed works if you so please! Do check it out: Righteous Santa Justice!


Also, the youtube version which is in finnish (with subtitles) and is my preferred choice out of these two can be found as such:


All in all, Merry Christmas or whatever the hell you invidiually celebrate.


Hey I made something. Again!

2013-07-29 13:29:26 by Devastus

So I was busy jacking off in the corner for the last 3 months. Then I realized this is becoming a joke and I probably should be updating and shit. So I took my time to make a new spiffy soundtrack thing with another corresponding, badly drawn picture.

The interesting thing about this song is that it's the first where I performed every instrument myself.

Obviously I don't own a set of orchestra instruments or the skills to play them myself, but I happened to buy an M-Audio Axiom 2nd Gen master keyboard and decided to put it to test. Drums are played with my electronic set, choirs are sung (as I've been doing for a long while now) and the guitar you can probably guess :P

Song: "Stormrider"
Picture: mrider

For some unfathomable reason I can't seem to keep an online presence when I'm focused on something "important". Probably because I'm a lazy bum.

Hey I made something!

2013-04-01 14:35:24 by Devastus

Yeah, I haven't been around again. But I got an explanation for it this time (as if), I've been practicing drawing. Why? Because why the fuck not.

I made a song/picture pair, and the corresponding links are:

Song: "Make My Stand"
Picture: -my-stand

Also, a video just because I can. Cheers!